The Schleitheim Brotherly Union - Index

(Brüderlich Vereinigung etzlicher Kinder Gottes seiben Artikel betreffend . . . )
Translated and edited by John Howard Yoder, The Legacy of Michael Sattler, Herald Press, 1973

The Cover Letter (Introduction) "May joy, peace, mercy from our Father . . . [give] strength . . . in all tribulation . . . "

The Seven Articles "The articles we have dealt with, and in which we have been united . . ."

 I. Notice concerning baptism
 II. We have been united as follows concerning the ban
 III. Concerning the breaking of bread …
 IV. We have been united concerning the separation that shall take place …
 V. We have been united as follows concerning shepherds in the church of God
 VI. We have been united as follows concerning the sword
 VII. We have been united as follows concerning the oath

The Cover Letter (Benediction) "Dear Brothers and Sisters . . it was needful that we . . be brought to agreement . ."
Congregational Order (A related document)

Supplementary Resources:
"The Schleitheim Brotherly Union," John Howard Yoder, Introduction to Chapter 2, The Legacy of Michael Sattler.
"Schleitheim," Point of View, Jan Gleysteen, Purpose, February 6, 1977.

John H. Yoder, (1927-1997)

was a theologian, a prophetic champion of Christian pacifism, and an advocate for an Anabaptist-Mennonite theological perspective. He was known for his work in biblical scholarship, peace and historical theology, Christian social ethics and ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue. He resided in Elkhart, Indiana, and was a member of Prairie Street Mennonite Church.

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