Abortion, 1975

Because we believe the Bible teaches that man is created in God's image, that human life is a gift from God to be held in high esteem, and that God's interest in individuals begins before their birth with His desire that they develop into knowledge of and faith in Him:

We believe that--
  1. Abortion violates the biblical principles of the sanctity and value of human life.
  2. In the light of the spiritual and ethical erosion in our society we need to accept our responsibility to recognize and protect the sanctity of human life.
  3. While we do not legislate morality for society we should work toward making counsel concerning alternatives available to each person who seeks an abortion.
  4. In those rare situations when very difficult decisions must be made about the life of the mother or unborn child, Christians should prayerfully seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit with a group of believers committed to discerning the Lord's leading.
  5. The Scriptures teach us not to look with punitive judgment on those who differ but to be sensitive toward their situation and surround them with care and compassion.

A summary statement accepted by the delegates of Mennonite General Assembly, August 5-10, 1975, Eureka, Illinois, Workbook, p. 19.