About Mennonite Church Canada - Beliefs

Our three priorities:

  • Form a people of God
  • Become a global church
  • Grow leaders for the church

Our Confession of Faith

The 24 articles that make up one of the core documents of the Mennonite faith.

Vision statement of the Mennonite Church:

God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ
and, by the power of the Holy Spirit

to grow as communities of grace, joy and peace
so that God’s healing and hope
flow through us to the world.

See multi-lingual spoken versions here

Statement of Identity and Purpose

God calls, equips and sends the church
to engage the world with the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ.
       We are a community of disciples of Jesus,
       A part of the Body of Christ,
          covenanted together
          as congregations,
          area churches*, and
          a national church body.
       Gratefully responding to God’s initiatives
       and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
   we commit ourselves and our resources to
calling, equipping and sending the church
to engage the world with the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spoken versions of the Vision Statement and Statement of Identity and Purpose in different languages
MP3 file - help with MP3 files Reader Translator
English [259KB MP3 file] Elsie Rempel  
French [276KB MP3 file] Pierre Gilbert Daniel Genest
German [317KB MP3 file] Elsie Rempel Waldemar Janzen
Korean [256KB MP3 file] Jooran Kim Nak Sun Kim
Mandarin [235KB MP3 file] Haiyan Zhang Winfred Soong
Russian [348KB MP3 file] Margarita Fust Irma Maier
Spanish [256KB MP3 file] Raoul Bogoya Jorge Hoajaca
Vietnamese [311KB MP3 file] Van Hoa Chau Nhien Pham

Or go to our CommonWord for more Vision resources.

*Once known as area conferences, Mennonite Church Canada is making a move to shift its language and terminology toward area church as an act of recognition and affirmation that church happens at many levels beyond the congregation, including the regional. This shift is in keeping with having already named ourselves officially as Mennonite Church British Columbia, Mennonite Church Alberta, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, Mennonite Church Manitoba, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, and Mennonite Church Canada.