Structure - Christian Witness Council


Within the vision and priorities of Mennonite Church Canada, Christian Witness provides direct ministry, engages in partnerships, facilitates new initiatives and promotes the vision for calling equipping and sending the church to engage Canada and the world with the reconciling gospel of Jesus Christ.

Related Ministries*
Council Members
  • Norm Dyck, ON - Chair
  • Lynell Bergen, MB - General Board Rep
  • Roberson Mbayamvula, ON
  • Paul Mo, ON
  • Allan Friesen, SK
  • Pat Gerber-Pauls, SK
  • Rie Neufeld, BC

Ministries marked with asterisks(*) are related to Mennonite Church Canada, usually through the appointment of board members, but are shared with other partners. Mennonite Church Canada does not administer these programs/agencies/institutions itself.