MC Canada update - December 18, 2018

Published December 18, 2018

Indigenous-Settler Relations 


January through June of 2019 is the critical window for us to see Bill C-262—The Indigenous Human Rights Act—passed in the Senate. We really need your help! If you are able, please get your church or care group to write the Senators using our free “Walk the Talk” postcards (available for order at Together, we can affirm the UNDRIP in Canadian law! #CalltoAction43   


Program Cuts for Christian Peacemaker Teams  

For thirty years, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) has been building partnerships around the world to transform violence and oppression, and in the process, has breathed life into the Mennonite Church’s practice of nonviolent discipleship. CPT is currently experiencing a significant budget deficit and deep cuts need to be made in the New Year. Please pray for CPT and, if you are able, please give (see Note – Mennonite Church Canada is a sponsoring body of Christian Peacemaker Teams, and Steve Heinrichs, Director of Indigenous-Settler Relations, represents our community on the CPT Steering Committee.


International Witness 


Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park (Witness workers – South Korea) celebrate along with their daughter, Jinsol, who successfully passed her comprehensive exam on Dec. 4 towards her Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo.


Update from Werner and Joanne DeJong worship with Sudanese Mennonites  

“As many of you know, there is a South Sudanese Mennonite Church in Edmonton. The pastor, Rueben Tut, requested we visit some of his people who are in refugee camps in Ethiopia. We arranged to go to Gambella in November with the help of the Mennonite Regional Director. He tried to get us into the camps but because of unrest the Sudanese Mennonites had to leave the camps and come to us. Many had to travel with military personnel to arrive safely. When our van pulled up, they immediately burst into song and danced with us all the way to the church. When we arrived at the church, they washed our feet as we entered and welcomed us again. Werner preached. Gambella is VERY hot and when Werner finished preaching, he looked like he had just stepped out of a swimming pool! We had multiple meetings with the Elders where they expressed their desperate need for teaching. (The DeJongs are currently serving on a short-term assignment at Meserete Kristos College, Ethiopia.) 


Paul & Vila Phomsouvanh (Trinity Mennonite Church, Calgary) have recently completed short-term service ministry in Thailand alongside MC Canada Witness workers, Tom and Christine Poovong. Paul tells of miraculous healings he witnessed while preaching the good news of Jesus in a rural village. We give thanks and praise to God for how He is working so powerfully in Southeast Asia! 



  1. Pray for our International Witness workers who will celebrate this Christmas season apart from their families (including adult children and grandchildren) during the holiday season: Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park; Mike and Cheryl Nimz; Dann and Joji Pantoja; Tom and Christine Poovong and George and Tobia Veith. Pray that each worker couple/family will experience Emmanuel, God with us, this year.  


  1. Bock Ki invites prayer for his participation as keynote speaker in the upcoming Anabaptist Conference scheduled for Jan.19, 2019. Pray for inspired study and preparation for Bock Ki and boldness as he speaks on the theme of Anabaptist community.   


  1. Werner & Joanne DeJong invite prayer for the South Sudanese Mennonites with whom they fellowshipped and worshipped in Gambella, Ethiopia: “Please pray they hunger to grow and are strategically placed on the Ethiopia/South Sudan border.”  


  1. Maria Rosa Triana Lopez, Coordinator of the Mennonite Biblical Seminary of Colombia (“Seminario Biblico Menonita de Colombia”) recently shared some of the difficulties and challenges facing the seminary: the economic situation of the country affects the possibility of students attending the SBMC and the ongoing challenge to promote programs and activities of the SBMC. Pray that the different ecclesial communities to become involved with the seminary and for wisdom and perseverance in the face of these difficulties. 



Worship Calendar: 

Dec 24/25   Christmas Eve/Day –

Jan 6           Epiphany –

Jan 7-11      Week of Prayer for Christian Unity -

Jan 20       Mennonite World Fellowship Sunday –

Jan 27        Holocaust Memorial Day -

Feb 20       World Day of Social Justice –

Mar 6         Ash Wednesday –

Mar 8         World Women's Day –

Mar 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination


Mar 22      World Water Day –



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