Native Assembly 2014 - Theme

Ears to Earth, stylized turtle, Eyes to God

“Ask the animals what they think – let them teach you…
Put your ear to the earth – learn the basics…
Isn’t it clear that they all know that God is in control?”
-Job 12:7-10

In a time of ecological concern and ongoing loss of native lands, what is our Creator saying to us? At Native Assembly 2014, we’ll attend the wisdom of Job, bending our ears to earth to know God more. Over three and a half days – through music, workshops, food, and learning tours – we’ll discover old and new teachings which will bring us closer to the Spirit, to each other, and to the land.

Theme Hymn

“Creation is a Song,” #24 in Sing the Journey, is our Assembly Theme Song. Inspired by the writings of Chief Lawrence Hart – a Cheyenne Mennonite Peace Chief – and songs given to Maude Fighting Bear, the hymn calls us to marvel at the sacred gift that is all around us. It was translated by Leonora Hart Holliman and is used with the permission of the composers, Jude and Doug Krehbiel.

Download and print Creation is a Song [PDF file]
From Sing the Journey: Hymnal Supplement 1, #24. Copyright 2005 by Faith & Life Resources/Mennonite Publishing Network, Scottdale, Pa. Used by permission.

Download and listen to Creation is a Song [mp3 file]
From Sing the Journey Hymnal Masterworks CD. Copyright 2005 by Herald Press, Scottdale, Pa. and Waterloo, Ont. Used by permission.