Assembly 2014 Theme

Wild Hope: Faith for an unknown season

The western world is rapidly moving beyond Christendom. The church must take Christian faith into a new cultural and civic landscape - one that is already well entrenched in Europe and Australia. There is disorientation for God’s church in this new wilderness – but also a strong sense of hope that this represents a tremendous opportunity to hear God’s call anew and shape a new kind of church for the future – a future that may be more like witness planting than church planting. The beliefs and convictions of individuals will be influenced in ways we have not yet imagined or discovered.

In Canada, we are well acquainted with the four seasons: will we be able to embrace an entirely new and, to us, possibly foreign season? What role will there be for the institutional church at all levels: congregational, area church, and national church? How we choose to face this new season, and how we experience Christ in this new season, will influence how it concludes. That is why the BFC is such an important exercise in discernment and understanding of God’s word, and why the Future Directions Task Force is looking ahead.

This assembly will consider Mark 4: 35-41 and additional, supplementary scripture texts.