In 2012, Mennonite Church Canada commissioned the Future Directions Task Force to address two questions:

  • What is God’s Spirit calling us to in the 21st Century?
  • And, what are the best ways (programs, structures, strategies) for the church to thrive and grow?

The Task Force grew out of awareness that our church faced new challenges in a fast changing post-Christendom secular society marked by a growing number of congregations with declining and aging membership, the role of church in society being questioned, and declining funding for work of our wider church. We also knew we weren’t alone; these challenges are being faced by all denominations.

At its assembly in July, 2016, delegates voted 94% in favour of the principles for change outlined in the Future Directions Task Force Report and its Addendum.

An Interim Council is now leading the transition of the area and national church. It is working toward a direct ownership and governance of agreed upon shared national agenda. The end goal is to achieve a simpler, more effective organization which could strengthen congregations as centres of mission even as it retains a strong national family of faith.

This web site is a central source for congregations and individuals to access information related to the ongoing process. A timeline of up to 2018 has been set for completion of the transition process, though it is quite possible that significant changes may already take effect as early as late 2016 and early 2017.

The Interim Council is comprised of leadership representing the five area churches (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Eastern Canada) and the national church (Mennonite Church Canada).

See the Draft Future Directions Interim Structure Chart [pdf]

Interim Council Members:

  • Calvin Quan – Moderator Mennonite Church Canada
  • Aldred Neufeldt – Vice Moderator Mennonite Church Canada
  • Lee Dyck – Moderator MCBC
  • Dan Jack – Moderator MCA
  • Ken Warkentin – Moderator MC SK
  • Peter Rempel – Moderator MCM
  • Paul Wideman – Moderator MCEC

Executive Staff Group:

  • Willard Metzger – Executive Director Mennonite Church Canada
  • Coreena Stewart – CAO Mennonite Church Canada
  • Garry Janzen – Executive Director MCBC
  • Tim Wiebe Neufeld –Future Directions Coordinator (term position) MCA
  • Ryan Siemens – Executive Director MC SK
  • Ken Warkentin – Executive Director MCM
  • David Martin- Executive Director MCEC