Special Assembly 2017 Documents (August 9, 2017)

Working Group Full Length Reports (July 18, 2017)

The reports below represent as fully as possible the outcomes of the Working Groups. The first document in the order provides a one page status summary of work to date by the various Working Groups, plus prior work by Reference Groups. Executive Summaries of these outputs will appear in the Future Directions Full Report to Special Assembly 2017, yet to be released.

  1. Working and Reference Group Activity and Document Summary Table (1 pp)
  2. Vision and Identity (16 pp)
  3. International Witness (35 pp)
  4. Canada Witness (11 pp)
  5. Congregational Vitality (18 pp)
  6. Community of Spiritual Leadership, originally called “Congregational of Ministerial Leadership” (3 pp)
  7. Camp Programmes (1 pp)
  8. Communications revised July 31 2017 (6 pp)

A Proposal for Revitalizing MC Canada:

Working Group Members:

Working Groups - Terms of Reference:

Transition documents:

Future Directions Task Force documents: