May 19, 2017: Update – The survey is now closed. Thank you to all who responded.

We are excited to report that since the last update on our Future Directions process, much progress has been made! There are many, many people and levels to work with on these large scale changes.

The proposal released here provides some initial detail about vision and structure for MC Canada.

Slates for 9 of 11 Working Groups and the Listening/Reference Group are nearing completion and are now available here

Two newly designed graphics have been posted to help readers visualize:

Large numbers of invitations have been sent out to candidates of Working Groups. Generous and positive responses are already flowing back. This is very encouraging.

A previous post, “Leadership for the transition of churches in Mennonite Church Canada” has generated robust conversation on the theme of gender and ethnic diversity in the leadership structures of

The Interim Council recently met at Toronto United Mennonite Church and approved an accelerated timeline for the transition of Mennonite churches in Canada.

As Transition Coordinator, I want to communicate news and information as often as necessary and as clearly as possible about all that our transition entails. But I do not work in isolation.

God loves the world and God is at work in the world.
God loves the church and God is at work in the church.

There are no truths more fundamental or more comforting. In some ways, there are no truths more discomforting. When the Spirit of God shows up, things happen. Ask Abraham about moving. Ask Peter about changing his mind about Gentiles. Ask Paul about a complete reorientation of life.