Thank You!

Dear Working, Listening, and Reference Groups:

On behalf of Mennonite Church Canada and with deep gratitude, I thank each individual member and the chair of the numerous Working, Listening, and Reference Groups that were initiated by the Future Directions process early in 2017.

Over the course of your work, approximately 80 people agreed to join in conversation on the vital topic of how we will be the church in the 21st century. Your solid thinking and passionate conversations led to reports that were immensely helpful to the Interim Council and the Executive Staff Group in the time leading up to our Special Assembly 2017. Many more have been informed by your work.

Your work is now complete and available to delegates as we together consider the future of our church at every level, from Congregations to Area Churches to National Church when we meet in Winnipeg from Oct. 13-15. Your work not only serves us in this time of change, but will illuminate future generations as it becomes a historical record of our collective journey. Put together, your efforts paint a picture of how we are striving and have strived to be followers of Jesus, lovers of God, and listeners to the Holy Spirit in our time.

You have served with sacrifice, dedication and commitment. I commend you.

Calvin Quan, Moderator
Mennonite Church Canada