Structure - General Board


The General Board is responsible for overseeing the policies and work of the Mennonite Church Canada.

Members of the General Board:
  • 4 officers
    • Calvin Quan, ON, Moderator
    • Aldred Neufeldt, ON, Assistant Moderator
    • Harold Peters-Fransen, MB, Secretary
    • Allan Hiebert, AB, Treasurer
  • 1 appointed member at large
    • Laura Loewen
  • 1 representative from Church Engagement Council
    • Vince Friesen - AB, Chair
  • 2 representatives from Witness Council
    • Don Rempel Boschman, MB, Chair
    • Lynell Bergen, MB
  • 2 representatives from Formation Council
    • Lisa Carr-Pries, ON, Chair
    • David Driedger, MB
  • 1 representative from Faith and Life Committee
    • Doug Klassen, AB, Chair
  • 5 area church representatives
    • Leona (Lee) Dyck – MCBC
    • Paul Neufeldt – MCA
    • Ken Warkentin – MCSK
    • Peter Rempel – MCM
    • Paul Wideman – MCEC

Willard Metzger is the Executive Director.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for finding suitable persons to serve on the various committees, commissions, and boards of Mennonite Church Canada.

  • Renata Klassen, SK - Chair
    • Waldimar Neufeld, BC
    • Marguerite Jack, AB
    • Eric Rempel, MB
    • Marilyn Zehr, ON
    Finance Policy and Audit Committee

    The Financial Policy and Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the budget and audit and recommending policies for the use of financial resources.

    • Allan Hiebert, AB - Treasurer - Chair
    • Ed Heide, ON
    Faith and Life Committee

    The Faith and Life Committee is a committee of the General Board that is charged with the responsibility to give leadership to the church on issues of theology, ethics, polity and practice.

    • Doug Klassen, AB, Chair
    • Sharon Schultz, SK
    • Dan Epp Thiessen, MB
    • Susie Guenther Loewen, MB
    • One Vacancy