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Provincial Engagements with Mennonite Connections

The following lists Mennonite related groups that are seeking paths of reconciliation in their particular region. Don't hesitate to send an email to the contact person to ask what's happening and how you might get involved.

  • British Columbia: Inter-Mennonite Truth and Reconciliation Group
    • Brander MacDonald, Mennonite Church British Columbia Indigenous Relations
    • Darryl Klassen, Mennonite Central Committee British Columbia Aboriginal Neighbours
  • Alberta: Inter-Mennonite Truth and Reconciliation Group
    • Jim Shantz, Mennonite Central Committee Alberta, Peace Program
  • Saskatchewan: Walking the Path
    • Eric Olfert, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan constituent
    • Leonard Doell, Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan Aboriginal Neighbours
  • Manitoba:
    • Partnership Circle
      • Dorothy Fontaine, Mennonite Church Manitoba, Director of Evangelism and Service Ministries
    • Student Christian Movement: Building Indigenous-Settler Solidarity (Winnipeg)
  • Ontario: Six Nations-Lutheran-Mennonite Solidarity Group
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