MC Canada update - May 17, 2019

Published May 17, 2019

Gathering 2019


Early-bird deadline extended 

The early-bird registration deadline has been extended to May 27! Go to and read the guidelines before clicking on the registration link. Find more information about workshops, schedule, and excursions at the Gathering website,  

International Witness


Witness workers participate in peace event in DMZ 

Caption: Participants in the peace event formed a peace chain near the de-militarized zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea on April 27.

On April 27 Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park, along with members of Mennonite Church South Korea, other denominations, and non-faith people participated in a nationwide peace event. Kim and Park joined others to form a human peace chain near the de-militarized zone between North and South Korea. The event was held on the first anniversary of the peace summit between Kim Jung Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, and Moon Jae In, the president of South Korea. 


Caption: The banner(s) before they were put together to form one three-kilometre banner.

Kim estimated that there were 200,000 participants. The April 27 peace event is seen as a grassroots movement among all people seeking peace on the Korean peninsula. Bock Ki said, “It became the event that all people could join. There was no difference between men and women, old and young, ethnicity, religions etc. Many people have hope for the peace movement here in the future.” 


We give thanks to God along with Bock Ki and Sook Kyoung for the peace event in the DMZ on April 27 and continue to pray for continued grassroots peace movements to flourish on the Korean peninsula.  

Young Christian leaders in China are spending time exploring the meaning of Anabaptist faith and practice. Pray that this new and exciting approach to discipleship will impact their congregations and strengthen their faith. 

Pray for Chinese church leaders as they face growing political pressure and increasing restrictions.  Pray that they will continue to be salt and light in their communities.   

Indigenous-Settler Relations 


Prayers for courageous hearts: learning about land 

“The issue has always been land,” says Thomas King in The Inconvenient Indian. How then might the Church relate to land in ways that nurture genuine reconciliation and faith? Indigenous-Settler Relations is helping send 14 members of our Mennonite Church Canada community to NAIITS (formerly North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies)—an Indigenous-led theological gathering—from June 6-8 at Tyndale Seminary (Toronto). The theme of this years’ symposium is “Land and Place: Indigenous Perspectives in an Era of Displacement.” Please pray for our sisters and brothers—that their hearts may be encouraged and their minds inspired to pursue healing and justice “here on earth, as it is in heaven.”




Worship Calendar: 

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Jun 20                  World Refugee Day –  

Jun 21                  National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada) -

Jul 30                   International Day of Friendship -  


Ascension Day: 

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