MC Canada update - May 1, 2019

Published May 1, 2019


International Witness 


The Poovongs share about new church plant 

Thailand Witness workers Tom and Christine Poovong have rented land for income-generation ministry for new believers. New Jesus followers will earn an income, learn how to manage their finances and live out their faith. The Poovongs are teaching these new disciples how to be free of poverty, drug, alcohol addiction, gambling, and sexual sin.  

Angolan Mennonite Churches facing government pressure 

One of the big challenges for Angolan Mennonite churches is the training of leaders. The Angolan State does not want parishes to be led by lay people and also requires that each church be represented in each of the 18 provinces. Parishes also suffer; there are no Bibles, song books, or elements of communion. Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission reports that the Angolan church leadership is in conversation with AIMM about partnering to give their leaders upper-level training. 

Prayer/Bulletin announcements 

Join Tom and Christine Poovong in prayer as they ask God to show them the families with which they will live and minister at the new church plant. The Poovongs and their team will teach these disciples of Jesus to go out and preach the gospel to their villages.  

Pray for the three Mennonite churches in Angola as they face the challenge of needing trained leaders, and the ongoing threat of being shut down for their size and for not being in line with the requirements of the government. 

Please pray for George and Tobia Veith as they live and serve in China.  Pray for wisdom in their teaching, writing, and relationship building.   

Pray that Mary Raber, who works with MC Canada partner Mennonite Mission Network, will be granted temporary resident status by the Ukrainian government before her current visa expires. Rules in Ukraine’s militarized zone keep changing and legal status has not been granted to any church. Pray for wisdom for the leaders, and that church life will be allowed to continue. (from Mennonite Mission Network’s May 2019 Prayer Vine.)  

Pray for church leaders from Japan, Korea, and China as they gather at the Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia at the end of May 2019. Pray that God's spirit of peace will lead conversations and that relationships can lead to healing.


Indigenous-Settler Relations 


Bill C-262 is going to Committee 

Good news! According to Senator Murray Sinclair, former Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, “Senators have agreed to get Bill C-262 to committee the week of May 14th.” If it gets through committee and to third reading before the end of June, there’s a real chance this bill—which provides a legislative framework for the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples—could achieve royal assent. Please continue to pray and write to the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples – Together, we can #passBillC262!  

Walk for Treaties 

Over the next three weeks, Allegra Friesen Epp (CMU practicum student) and Steve Heinrichs are pulling together the final details for The Walk for Common Ground—a 15-day journey through Treaty 6 (Edmonton) and Treaty 7 (Calgary) that brings together Indigenous, union workers, and Church sisters and brothers. Please pray for all involved, especially those communities that are graciously hosting the walkers and evening public conversations exploring what it means to be “Treaty People.” For more info, see




Worship Calendar: 

May 12                Mother’s Day -

May 15                International Day of Families –

May 30                Ascension Day –

Jun 9                    Pentecost -  

Jun 16                  Trinity Sunday –  

Jun 20                  World Refugee Day –  

Jun 21          National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada) -

Jul 30                   International Day of Friendship -  



There’s less than two weeks until Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for worship ideas for this special day, visit We’ve got ideas, songs, and prayers that you can use to show appreciation for the mothers in your community. 



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