MC Canada update - May 29, 2019

Published May 29, 2019

Gathering 2019 

In exactly one month the opening worship for Gathering 2019 will kick off in Abbotsford, B.C., on June 29! Around 250 people have already registered for this exciting and new event and you can too, if you haven’t already. Registration is still open! Go to to learn all you can about what we’ve got planned for the weekend. Then go to and read through the guidelines before clicking on the registration link. We hope to see you there! 


Indigenous-Settler Relations


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has called all Canadians to rediscover that “We are all treaty people.”  Mennonites, union workers, and Indigenous friends are participating in the Walk for Common Ground, a long walk to help raise awareness and build Treaty relationships. You can follow their May 31 to June 14 journey on the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights Facebook page ( or by searching the hashtag #walkforcommonground  on most social media platforms. 

Please pray for Allegra Friesen Epp, CMU student and intern with MC Canada’s Indigenous-Settler Relations program, as she co-leads the Walk for Common Ground: “As I embark on this journey, I ask that you pray for strength to engage to difficult conversations, energy to facilitate evening gatherings after a long days of walking, and the courage to stay true to the work God is calling me to.”

International Witness 


Workers coming for Canadian visit 

Witness workers, Tom Poovong, Dann Pantoja, and Bock Ki Kim will be visiting Canada briefly this summer to share stories of God at work in their ministries with Canadian congregations and to mobilize their Witness Support Teams (WSTs). Each WST will nurture relational connections and prayer support, and assist in ensuring full funding for each Witness program. The WSTs will also encourage ongoing connections with the global church.  

Mennonite Church in Colombia helping Venezuelan churches 

The Mennonite Church in Colombia is a significant support to the Mennonite Church in Venezuela. The Colombian church plans to send two people to visit and take medications and some additional grinders for grains. Many of the Colombian Mennonite churches have received Venezuelan refugees. The Venezuelan churches continue to be deeply involved in serving people in hospitals, on the streets, and in their communities.   

Connections forming with Bru people in Thailand 

Witness workers Tom and Christine Poovong tell recently: Laos is a closed country, but God has opened a door for ministry among the Bru people, a tribal group living on the mountain near the Vietnam border. Every three months several Bru people visit Tom and Christine in Khon Kaen for discipleship training. The vision God gave the Poovongs for Laos is to make disciples who will also make more disciples. Tom and Christine are praying that God will use the Bru people to establish many peace communities in their region. 


Pray for Jinsol, daughter of Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park, Witness workers in South Korea. Jinsol is a doctoral student at the University of Waterloo. She has a written exam on May 30 and an oral exam July 2 to 4. Pray for calmness, courage, and perseverance.   

Praise God for Nancy Frey and Bruce Yoder’s 20 years of ministry in West Africa. Pray that each of the ministries they served in will continue to flourish. Pray also for a smooth transition for each family member, especially for Nancy as she begins a pastoral position at Listowel (Ontario) Mennonite Church. (from Mennonite Mission Network’s Prayer Vine.) 

Pray for church leaders from Japan, Korea, and China gathering now at the Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia.  Pray that God's spirit of peace will lead conversations and that relationships can lead to healing.   




Worship Calendar: 

May 30                Ascension Day –

Jun 9                    Pentecost -  

Jun 16                  Trinity Sunday –  

Jun 20                  World Refugee Day –  

Jun 21         National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada) -

Jul 30                   International Day of Friendship -  



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