Gathering 2019

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Keynote Speaker: Elaine Heith



Stress Warning: The content in this lecture references child sexual abuse and may be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with.



God Calls Us (Vision Healing and Hope)
by Darrell Neustaedter Barg and Anneli Loepp Thiessen

Based on MC Canada's Vision Statement of Healing and Hope, enter into worship. Teach this song to your congregation.

Download music here.

Firestarter Stories:

Stories from across our nationwide community of faith of how faith communities have been inspired to be church and minister in their neighbourhoods in new ways.

Donna Entz, Mennonite Church Alberta

Donna Entz has been forming relationship with Christian and Muslim communities in Edmonton with the purpose of dialogue. Discover more.

Colin McCartney, Toronto, ON

Colin trains young urban leaders to lead and plant churches in their often under-resourced neighbourhoods. Capture some of his insights.

Sandy Plett, Winnipeg, MB

Sandy and her family find themselves surrounded by Christ-followers who want to learn and grow in Christian community outside of formal church structures. Hear their journey of four faith communities and the richness experienced there. Please note: There may be technical difficulties at the end of the video, these will be worked at and uploaded again.

Don Rempel Boshman, Douglas Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, MB

Meet Maysoun Darweesh, Nour Ali and their family. Discover how sponsorship of Syrian refugees has strengthened Douglas Mennonite Church and built strong and meaningful relationships.

Lyne Renaud, Hochma, Montreal, Quebec

Lyne Renaud, pastor at Hochma, tells the moving story of one man's life changed and the impact it has had on him and on the neighbourhood.

Read a summary here: The Impact From One Changed Life


Crockinole Tournament

Why a crockinole tournament? Discover the story behind the crokinole tournament?

Parade of Champions



Doug Klassen installed as Executive Minister

Doug Klassen surrounded in prayer


Mennonite Women Canada elects to dissolve nationwide ministry

three women posing