Witness Partners

Your invitation to become Witness Partners!

Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Congregations of Mennonite Church Canada,

As we seek to be the people of God, united and transformed through Christ into one body, we are seeing a new working of the Spirit among us, deepening and enlarging our vision. The work that we do as congregations, as area churches, and as Mennonite Church Canada is vitally and integrally linked and interwoven.

We are the church together.

The 21st century propels us even more deeply into a Post-Christian era. The way that people will know who Jesus is, the way of God’s kingdom, and God’s will for the earth and its people will be through loving communities of faith who make Christ’s love visible, who live in Christ’s way, and who are empowered by the Spirit to be agents of God’s light, love, and truth in our world.

One way we can engage in making Christ known to others is to become a WITNESS Partner with Mennonite Church Canada in national and international ministries. It is our work, our opportunity to link and partner significantly with workers and ministries in deeper ways. Different levels of engagement are opening for us like never before – not to make us busier – but to build solidly, and to be the church together.

Below you will find invitations in various forms to encourage your involvement. Please consider this invitation at your next mission committee or congregational meeting.

We are small as a denomination, and yet we are many. That is good. To do the larger work to which we have been called takes many hands, many hearts, many minds and spirits of compassion and caring to minister in Christ’s name. Being a missional people means embodying Christ –being Christ, living Christ, speaking Christ – that all people, and all things may be united and reconciled to God.

God has brought us this far, or to this moment, to be in fear of the time or its challenges. We are being transformed into the instrument Christ would have us be. Let us move forward together, filled with vision and compassion from the Spirit.

To find out more or get involved in WITNESS Partnership,
Download and read the documents below


Jeanette Hanson, Interim Director, International Witness