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In Oct. 2014 Wame Chiepe invited us to dream.

Wame lives near an abandoned park. Young children play on a rusty, broken down slide, with little more than a ladder remaining. Surrounded by drinking establishments, the park is an unsafe place; night time robberies and stabbings are sadly not unusual. Eventually, the playground kids graduate to the nearby bars.


“Thanks to God. Thanks to people. If we all work like this throughout the world, that would be nice. Thank you.”
-Wame Chiepe, Gaberone, Botswana

Wame dreamed of transforming the park and the lives of kids who play there. His dream has grown to inspire a local cadre of investors – and supporters across the Atlantic Ocean in Mennonite Church Canada.

Wame’s dream soon engaged the imaginations of Nathan and Taryn Dirks, Mennonite Church Canada Witness Workers in Botswana. This led to a short video in 2014, with Wame and the Dirks inviting the rest of Mennonite Church Canada to join them in what they called a “Futsal Dream.”

The park is experiencing a miraculous change: Futsal (5-a-side soccer) playing courts will harvest water in a cistern which will be used for gardens; a hut for a disabled shoe repairman will replace his open air shop under a tree; bio-friendly toilets have been installed; and recycled materials including glass bottles, tin cans, and old tires are used for walls.

What was a dangerous space is being made safe again

In partnership with Ride for Refuge, you helped bring this dream to reality. In 2014 56 participants comprising eight teams in six locations with their generous sponsors raised almost $20,000 to launch the Futsal Dream. Ride for Refuge partners with charitable organizations in North America to help raise funds for vulnerable populations.

The initial seed money via Mennonite Church Canada has inspired local investors, government officials, sports teams, coaches and athletic professionals to build on Wame’s dream.

On Oct. 1, you are invited to help create more miracles like this. By signing up to cycle or walk in Ride for Refuge (yes, you can walk too), for any Mennonite Church Canada Witness Worker, together we can hear more stories like Wame’s. See a menu of workers and their ministries and needs.

If you and your church already have a congregational partnership with a Witness ministry, are interested in the work we are doing together, or love a bit of low key exercise and community building, this is a fun and generous way to be a leader.

Your participation is a gift of hope for God’s kingdom here on earth!

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