Stage Backdrop Art by Valerie Wiebe

This series of works was inspired by the first painting, God Calls Us Out.I had been doing some reading on what it means to be the body of Christ and was inspired to create an image that would represent my thoughts – that we are called to be the body, not the church, of Christ, that it isn’t the structures that define us, but the relationship. The following four paintings, continue the story that is presented in God Calls Us Out, from the mountain, to the exile in Babylon, and the continuing journey, as well as a night scene showing all the numerous stars, but God’s presence even in the night. The landscape is sparse and the sky alive, much like the area of Saskatchewan where I grew up. The human figures are tiny, mere lines, in a vast space, speaking to our existence in this world, and drawing attention to the awesomeness of our God. But the presence of God is always there, in the sun and in the moon,and in how He leads his people out and onward.

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Valerie Wiebe lives and works on a farm in Saskatchewan, where she creates art, music and great spaces. She holds degrees in Music, Fine Arts, Education and Interior design. Valerie is a member of Zoar Mennonite Church in Langham, where she plans worship and leads in music.

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