Theatre of the Beat presents: This Will Lead to Dancing!

a play about wholeness, belonging, & LGBTQ inclusion.

Teenagers Sam and Alex are on a hunger strike, protesting their church's stance on homosexuality, and it seems that their cause has struck a chord in their small Mennonite community. After a national new crew begins following the story, crowds begin gathering outside their church, and the situation even attracts the attention of Menno Simons himself. While awaiting their church's decision, Sam and Alex must decide whether sticking up for a community that has been spiritually starved is worth the risk of physically starving themselves.

Feedback from Audiences
  • "Thanks so much for this amazing conversation about a difficult topic for the church. Your ability to tackle it with humour, directness, and a clear love for the church was inspiring."
  • "Thank you for your vision, courage, and inspiration in producing this most valuable and much needed conversation starter. Your presentation of the inclusivity 'debate' was challenging, insightful, and moving. I hope it is heard by multitudes of Mennonites."
  • "I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me."
  • Read the review in the Canadian Mennonite.

The show will be on Saturday July 9, in Gallery D. Doors open at 8:45pm (after worship), show starts at 9pm. Spaces are limited so please purchase tickets in advance at: Eventbrite

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