Serve - Worker Categories

Mennonite Church Canada Witness appoints mission workers on the basis of different gifts and time commitments. Witness Workers of all categories are expected to meet the qualifications for Mennonite Church Canada mission workers and to serve toward goals and in ways that are consistent with those of Mennonite Church Canada Witness.

Short Term Workers  (3 - 12 months)

Short term assignments are arranged within the context of long-term relationships. These can include opportunities for younger or older adults to: deepen faith and develop cross-cultural relationships; discern God’s call for further service; offer gifts and experiences in a short term time window (e.g. sabbatical). Short Term Workers are placed alongside international ministry partners or long-term Witness workers. Short Term Workers are appointed for a term of 12 months, though shorter assignments are sometimes appropriate. Short Term Workers are responsible for raising their own financial support.

International Tentmakers (3 year terms)

International Tentmakers are self-employed or employed in a secular organization outside Canada and engage in mission in their country of employment with counsel and prayer support from Mennonite Church Canada Witness.

Long Term Workers (successive 3 year terms)

International mission partnership workers (IMPW) serve under the appointment, general direction and financial support of Mennonite Church Canada. In many cases, they are directly supervised by a church or agency partner of Mennonite Church Canada. Assignments are reviewed and adjusted for possible re-appointment after each term.