Serve - Partners

With what kind of partners does Mennonite Church Canada work?

Partners are essential for the ministries that Mennonite Church Canada Witness supports. Each of our international ministries is supported by individuals and groups, often churches, that commit to working together towards the common goal of building up the global church. Partners include:

Mission Worker:

Witness ministries around the world need individual members of our congregations to commit themselves and their personal talents to our ministry programs. Mission workers from Mennonite Church Canada churches are essential partners as we seek to engage other partners “across the street and around the world”.

Worker’s home and partner congregations:

Witness ministries depend on having partner congregations that are committed to supporting Mennonite Church Canada Witness ministries. Individual mission workers are supported by their home congregation, individuals and other partner congregations in Canada to make their ministry possible. Partnership Development staff at Mennonite Church Canada work with mission workers to strengthen their relationships with home and partner congregations.

Mennonite Church Canada Witness:

Mennonite Church Canada, as a national church, supports a variety of ministries in over 20 countries. Witness staff are involved in the personnel process which prepares workers for service, resource development for the work, support services like financial logistics, and administrative supervision of the ministry.

International Partners:

International partnerships are also central to our ministry goals. Mennonite Church Canada cooperates with a variety of international partners, particularly other Mennonite bodies and church organizations. A sample of international partners are listed below: