Serve - People

New short term and long term ministry opportunities are currently suspended until the Future Directions process of revitalizing Mennonite Church Canada ministries in these areas is complete.

For inquiries:

please contact: Jason Martin, Director, International Witness

Can God use me to serve through the church?

Yes. Mennonite Church Canada looks for members of its constituency who want to become engaged with the needs around them by being ambassadors of reconciliation and transformation across the street and around the world.

Identity and Purpose Statement

   God calls, equips and sends the church
   to engage the world with the reconciling gospel of Jesus Christ.
         We are a community of disciples of Jesus,
         a part of the Body of Christ,
            covenanted together as congregations,
            area churches,
            and a national church body.
         Gratefully responding to God’s initiatives
         and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
      we commit ourselves and our resources
   to calling, equipping and sending the church
   to engage the world with the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are: