Joint Council

Joint Council

The Joint Council members are:

Back row, left to right: Gerald Gerbrandt (Moderator, MCM), Terry Stefaniuk (Moderator, MCSK), Geraldine Balzer (Assistant Moderator), Brenda Tiessen-Wiens (Moderator, MCA), Henry Funk (MCSK).

Middle row, left to right: Allan Hiebert (Secretary/Treasurer), Arli Klassen (Moderator, MCEC), Betty Loewen (MCBC), Alicia Good (MCEC), Lee Dyck (Moderator, MCBC).

Front row, left to right: Margaret Kruger-Harder (MCA), Andrea De Avila (MCM), Calvin Quan (Moderator), Henry Paetkau (Interim Executive Minister).

In short, the Joint Council takes the place of the former "General Board" of Mennonite Church Canada. For more detail on the Joint Council please refer to the Bylaws, page 10, PART V.