Joint Council

13 men and women

The Joint Council members are:

Back row: left to right: Jacquelyn Janzen (MCSK), Vince Friesen (MCA), Betty Loewen (MCBC), Calvin Quan (Moderator), Alicia Good (MCEC), Allan Hiebert (Secretary/Treasurer), Gerald Gerbrandt (MCM), Geraldine Balzer (Vice Moderator)

Front row: left to right: Ken Warkentin (MCSK), Paul Neufeldt (MCA), Lee Dyck (MCBC), Paul Wideman (MCEC), Peter Rempel (MCM)

In short, the Joint Council takes the place of the former "General Board" of Mennonite Church Canada. For more detail on the Joint Council please refer to the Bylaws, page 10, PART V.