MC Canada update - March 21, 2019

Published March 21, 2019


Indigenous-Settler Relations 


NAIITS Symposium 2019 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has invited all faith groups to learn and grow in our understanding of Indigenous knowledges. NAIITS is a Christian Indigenous Learning Community that can help us do that. Each year, NAIITS hosts a theological conversation intended for young and older, pastors and activists (see Mennonite Church Canada’s Indigenous-Settler Relations program would like to help sponsor six friends from across our nationwide church to attend NAIITS Symposium 2019, exploring “Land and Place,” June 6-8 at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. If you are interested, please email Steve Heinrichs for details ( 


International Witness


Witness congregational partnership 

Would your congregation be interested in developing an intentional relationship with a specific international Witness ministry that has the potential to be mutually transformative? If this interests you and your congregation, then forming a Witness congregational partnership is for you. Connect to a specific worker or ministry through prayer, financial support and regular communication. Please contact your Regional Church office to begin the conversation.  


New believers in Thailand 

This past weekend, Tom and Christine Poovong (MC Canada Witness workers in Thailand)  celebrated the baptisms of 20 people in Bueng Kan, where a new church began three years ago. Pray for these new followers of Jesus as they grow in grace and exercise their faith at home and throughout Thailand.  


Ethiopians appreciate Anabaptist resources and training 

Palmer Becker has returned from his month-long short-term teaching assignment in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Palmer reports strong appreciation by students and leaders in Ethiopia for his booklet “What is an Anabaptist Christian?” and eagerness for “Anabaptist Essentials” to be translated into Amharic and Oromo. Leadership training was also warmly received in Tanzania, where, through two workshops, Palmer trained more than 120 church leaders from his teaching resource “Begin Anew.” 



The National Assembly of the Mennonite Christian Church of Colombia (IMCOL) will be held this weekend, March 22 to 25. Pray for this assembly of our brothers and sisters in Colombia as they worship, pray and discuss their strategic plan for the next five years of ministry.  

We pray for Dann and Joji Pantoja (Witness workers in the Philippines) and her siblings as they grieve the passing of Joji’s father, Armando Bautista Sr. May God continue to provide comfort and peace to the Pantoja and Bautista families as they share memories of their father and grandfather.  

Anabaptist-Mennonite resources are plentiful in North America, but in other parts of the globe these printed materials are both costly and scarce. Please pray that good resources such as Palmer Becker’s “Begin Anew” and “Anabaptist Essentials” continue to be translated into many languages and benefit Mennonite churches. 




Worship Calendar: 

Mar 21                International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination -

Mar 22                World Water Day –

Apr 7                   World Health Day -

Apr 14                 Palm Sunday -

Apr 18                 Maundy Thursday -

Apr 19                 Good Friday -

Apr 21                 Easter -

Apr 22                 Earth Day –

May 15                International Day of Families –

May 30                Ascension Day –


Holy Week: 

Now that Lent has begun, we are looking forward to Holy Week, a special time of year that we CommonWord can help you engage with. If you’re looking for resources for the entire week, visit If you are looking for resources for a specific day, you can click on the links at the top of the webpage. 


Cheaper by the Dozen: 

Here's a way you can provide great resources to your congregation and get a longer borrowing period! Our Cheaper by the Dozen program allows you to borrow 12 resources for up to six weeks. Find out all about this great program by visiting the Bring Us To You section of our website:


Featured Resources: 

The Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network of the Canadian Council of Churches has prepared this handy guide to help faith communities take part in the United Nations International Day to End Racial Discrimination. We hope it will play a role in helping your community to stand up and say “NO” to racism and prejudice in Canada. Download at