MC Canada update - September 4, 2019

Published September 4, 2019


Now accepting applications for Global Youth Summit 2021 

MC Canada invites applications for youth representatives to Global Youth Summit, July 2-5, 2021 in Salatiga, Indonesia! If you will be 18-30 as of July 2, 2021, and would like to represent MC Canada along with four reps at GYS and Mennonite World Conference, please consider applying! The deadline is for applications is September 30, 2019. For more information to go:


International Witness


Support International Witness through Ride for Refuge

It’s time to start thinking about cycling for our International Witness workers, through this year’s Ride for Refuge event on October 5. Last year’s ride raised $20,000! If you are interested in forming a cycling team and riding for our nine Witness workers, go to and contact your regional church office to participate.


News from our Partners 

Development agent working with Evangelical Mennonite Church of Congo 

Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission (AIMM) provided a scholarship for training Alain Bakajika of the Evangelical Mennonite Church of Congo. His training will see him make his own living through sustainable and innovative agricultural practices; to assist others in learning those practices and increasing incomes through agricultural activity and in so doing, to be a blessing to his church community. See more at:

Prayer: Pray for Alain Bakajika as he develops learning modules in raising crops, animals, and transforming agricultural products for market as development worker for the Evangelical Mennonite Church of Congo. 


Anabaptist Study Centre opening in China 

With the help of Mennonite Partners in China, an Anabaptist Study Centre will open in eastern China in September. It will help train and develop resources for the growing number of Chinese Christians who see Anabaptist teaching as important and relevant to the church in China. The centre will also provide resources for Anabaptist study groups springing up in 10 nearby cities. Mennonite Partners in China in-country director, Pastor Yin Hongtao, is one of the co-founders of the centre. 

Prayer: Pray that writing and translation of Anabaptist resources for the growing network of study groups in China will be done well and will fit the needs of those using the resources. Pray for Pastor Yin and colleagues as they travel to mentor and teach in these study groups. 


News from our Witness workers 

Income generation for self-sufficient churches  

Tom and Christine Poovong (Witness workers in Thailand) report, “Since we came to Thailand five years ago, the Lord has used us to develop various ministries and a church-planting organization. These are Menno Nursery, Menno Shoes, Khon Kaen Lamp Kiol (Isaan food restaurant), and Menno Supper Market. This is our income-generation ministry. We work to establish an Asian Mennonite peace church that is locally owned and self-sustainable. These churches will be part of our church plant organization in Thailand, called Friends of Grace Church.” 

Prayer: Pray that the disciples in the Grace Church network, Thailand, will find steady income and a base of support for ongoing ministry in the area.  Pray for Tom and Christine Poovong as they live and work with these disciples. 


Indigenous-Settler Relations


Indigenous Peoples, Land, and Mission: reflections requested for Anabaptist journal  

Mennonites are known for migrating around the world in search of safe harbour to practice their faith without government regulation or the threat of persecution. Yet that safe harbour has often been land recently wrested from Indigenous peoples by colonial government. Anabaptist Witness—a global journal, co-published by MC Canada—is seeking contributions that reflect on Mennonite relationships with “Indigenous Peoples, Land, and Mission.” Deadline is April 1, 2020. If you are interested in submitting a sermon, photo-essay, or poem, please see further details here


Prayer request from MC Canada partner Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT): prayers for Colombia 

In the last week of August, former commanders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced they are returning to war. This comes three years after the 2016 Peace Deal was signed, ending over half a century of armed insurgency. Please pray for Colombia and all those nonviolently struggling for a just peace, including our CPT sisters and brothers. Invited by the Colombian Mennonite Church in 2001, CPT has been building partnerships to transform violence and oppression. For more info on their work, go to CPT Colombia.




Worship Calendar: 

Sept 8                  Christian Formation Sunday -

Sept 22                International Peace Sunday -

Sept 30                Orange Shirt Day -  

Oct 4                    World Animal Day –  

Oct 6                    World Communion Sunday -  

Oct 10                  World Mental Health Day -  

Oct 13                  Thanksgiving -  

Oct 16                  World Food Day -  

Oct 27                  Mennonite Heritage -  

Nov 1                   All Saints Day -  

Nov 3                   Mission Sunday -  

Nov 10                 Peace Sunday –  

Nov 11                 Remembrance Day -  

Nov 20                 Universal Children’s Day -  

Nov 24                 Memorial Sunday -  

Nov 25                 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – 



Top customer choices for Summer 2019

Weather in Winnipeg and the return of students to Canadian Mennonite University campus tells us that summer has come to an end. To mark the season, we’ve made a list of the most common purchases, loans, and downloads from this summer. Perhaps you’ll find Here you will find one of your favourite titles from the summer, or a new resource for the fall. 


Adult Curriculum Guide:

Fall also brings with it the need for new adult curriculum options. Whether you need something for the entire church or just your small group CommonWord offers curriculum on a wide range of topics. Simply visit our website choose a topic that interests you explore the wide range of study material that’s available. 


Featured Resource: 

In Invited, writer Leslie Verner says real hospitality is not having a Pinterest-perfect table or well-furnished living room. True hospitality is not clean, comfortable, or controlled; it is an invitation to enter a sacred space together with friends and strangers. Through vivid accounts from her life and travels in Uganda, China, and Tajikistan, and her visits with congregations in the United States, Verner shares stories of life around the table and how hospitality is at the heart of Christian community. Order at


Summer hours have ended 

The return of students to CMU campus also means the end of our summer hours. CommonWord will now be open from Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.